8 Top Home Selling Mistakes You Should Avoid

Top Home Selling Mistakes You Should Avoid

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Of Selling A House

On one occasion or another, you will need to list your home out there for sale. Well, the experience comes loaded with both the good and the wrong side of the story that you don’t want to hear. On the right side, once your house gets a buyer, you will have the opportunity to move into a new home. Probably, it will be the chance to get to that home you always desired. But, on the lower side, there are challenges you have got to encounter.

The entire selling process can be complicated, considering the many steps involved. Say, for instance, you will have to begin with preparing the house, perform repairs, and then list it to find a buyer. Many home sellers, especially the newbies, may find these steps overwhelming. From an expert’s point of view, the entire house selling process doesn’t have to be difficult as people make it sound. You only need to avoid the common mistakes that people make, and the rest will fall in place. 

One thing to note, the consequences of the mistakes you make while selling your home can impact the whole process. Say, for example, they can delay the process, mess with your finances, as well as, the peace of mind of all parties involved in the transaction. Here are the common mistakes you ought to avoid in the very first place. 

1. Using dull and few images

bad photo images

Often, experts say that pictures can speak a thousand words. Well, this same theory can apply to your home selling process. You should have in mind that the first thing a potential buyer comes into contact with regarding your house is the photo. It’s what they get to see on a website or catalogs given by the realtors. Therefore, you should ask yourself, are the images you use worth the attention. 

Often, many sellers make the mistake of taking low-quality photos, using their phones, for example. Well, your smartphone may have a perfect camera, but not accurate enough for such a task. You should break the monotony and capture quality images via the help of a talented photographer. The photographer should assist you in capturing your house from almost every angle. You should as well remember to take a photo of every corner of the house. By doing so, you will be giving your potential buyers a clear view of the real deal. Giving sufficient images could be your ticket to winning the attention of a promising buyer. 

According to Realtor.org, 92 percent of home buyers use the Internet as part of their home search? That means that listing photos are a critical factor — it will determine the selling price of a home, how quickly it sells and whether it sells at all. I’d venture to say that the single most important factor in selling a home is good photography.

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2. Avoiding the repairs

Almost everyone wants to settle in a house that is 100% complete. By saying complete, it means that no one is willing to go for a house that has discoverable faults. One mistake that many home sellers make is neglecting the repairs. They assume that because they are doing away with the old house, the repairs should be the responsibility of the next buyer.

What they don’t understand is that they end up turning away potential customers because of even a slight glitch. Repairing your house before even the entire listing thing is worth the shot. First, it helps fasten the process as the whole as your buyers will have nothing to complain concerning the property.

Another thing repair helps you, the seller; get a better deal for your property. Remember, potential buyers, tend to use faults within the house as leverage to get a much lower price. You should, therefore, not ignore the repairs as they may see you lose everything.  Selling a rundown property isn’t an easy task to achieve. 

3. Selling the house by yourself

As said earlier, the selling of homes is easy, as long as you understand what you are doing. However, the easy process doesn’t mean that you go about with the process alone. Well, with the power of the internet, you may be lucky to make the sale quickly. But, it would be best if you included the help of a real estate agent.

Why the agent, you may ask? Well, these agents have been there, and all they do for a living is to help people buy and sell houses. Having one agent hold your hand during the process feels much safer as they know the trade. By going solo, it means that you miss your chances of fastening the sale and still get a perfect offer.

Remember, these professionals know the process, and that means that you won’t have to struggle with the documentation. Besides, they might have a waiting customer, and that means instant transactions. Therefore, unless you don’t mind selling your house after a year or so, consider hiring a legit realtor within your location. 

4. Listing your home in the wrong season

From a realtor’s perspective, knowing the right period to sell and buy a house is necessary. First, you must understand that the rate of demand has an impact on the price tag. Therefore, when planning your sale, you ought to consider the perfect season for the sake of a better deal.

Don’t list the house in question during November and December, for example. During such a season, there are fewer sales, and that means that your house may stay longer on the list. Selling during the winter months in most parts of the country isn’t typically the best decision.

Selling a property by way of the traditional method is already cumbersome in itself. Now you add in those brutal cold winter months across the country, selling is nearly impossible in a timely manner. If a homeowner needs to sell during this time, working with a professional cash home buyer just might be their best option.

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5. Having a busy schedule that costs your house showing opportunites

Most people make the mistake of listing their homes for sale only to end up screwed to their busy schedules. If you are looking to making a smooth trade, don’t be like them. Selling your house is also an essential part of your life. Therefore, you should find some time at least to get done with the process quickly.

Experts often say that you should always be there when a client calls. Although that’s somewhat impossible, you should find time within your busy schedule to accommodate every other buyer. Besides, you don’t have to be there during every showing. You can leave your realtor to deal with the entire thing. One good thing about having a realtor perform the task is that they will be available most of the time. Besides, they may help close the deal fast as they know how to deal with the clients as professionals. 

6. Setting impossible prices

Setting impossible home prices

When it comes to listing to your home for sale, the problem arises when setting the starting price. Most sellers get confused, not knowing the right amount to fix. In the end, some get driven by the greed for higher profits hence making the mistake of issuing absurd amounts. You have probably come across those hiked prices over the real estate sites. The question is, did you take your time to check out the house? The high chances are that you ignored the post and tried the next. Well, that’s what happens when you make the mistake of listing your home at a high price.

When setting a price for your home, it would be best if the price ranges within the standard range. Your real estate agent can assist you with the pricing, ensuring that you make a considerable sum from the deal. Also, you should be flexible with the price. Never make the mistake of sticking to a fixed figure as this can see you lose a potential buyer. 

7. Dishonesty

Almost every buyer is looking forward to finding an honest seller. They wish to find someone who will tell them everything concerning the house, without hiding any detail. From an expert’s perspective, no home is perfect. Therefore, whenever you try and convince a buyer that your home is 100% ok, they are not likely to believe you. Don’t be driven by the urge to close the deal. By doing so, you may end up losing the deal if the buyer you lied to points out a slight fault. 

8. Your house isn’t depersonalized

As said earlier, the first thing that your buyers encounter is a picture of your home in the listings. Using the photos, they try and imagine themselves in your home before booking a showing. During the show, the buyers should be able to picture themselves living in your space. Therefore, the best you can do is depersonalizing the house before the listing. 

You don’t expect your buyers to walk in a house filled with family portraits and expect them to create that visual picture. Therefore, you should clear all your stuff before allowing the buyers. If possible, you can go ahead and remove all the items from the house. The emptiness makes it easy for the buyer to visualize every corner of the space and make a sound decision. Besides, an empty house feels big as opposed to one with furniture and electronics all over. 


Most individuals assume that selling a house is a walk in the park. What they don’t understand is that there are steps involved to ensure effective results. Those who try the task unknowingly end up making mistakes along the way hence costing their money, peace of mind, and even time. If you are new to selling houses, this article is for you. It contains the common mistakes that most home sellers make. Read through the article to understand them better so that you can avoid them like a pro. 

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