9 Tips for Selling Your House Faster

9 Top Tips For Selling Your House Faster

How To Sell Your House Faster With These Tips

Regardless if you are trying to sell a house Anaheim, CA or if you are trying to get cash offer on your house in Greenville, SC, the most important question is, How quickly can you sell your home after listing? The answer is dependent on your definition of fast. This is one of the few worries that most home sellers encounter. The truth is that the entire process can be tiring, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You can’t ignore the many offices you have to enter and the complicated agencies that you have to include during the whole process.

At the end of the process, there is that joy that comes with finalizing the sale. With everything out of your way, you can now move in to your new home and proceed with the daily schedules. Without saying much, here are tips on how you can sell your house faster like a pro.

1. Clear Your Home

Declutter Your Home before Listing

When it comes to selling your home, every detail matters to the buyer. One thing to consider is the size of your home. Well, when it comes to the size and space, the items in the house can interfere with the visualization. You should have in mind that not all people have the vision to see past things such as furniture and clutter.

So, how should you deal with the furniture inside your home, for example? From an expert’s perspective, it would be best if you considered decluttering the room before allowing the buyers in for viewing. Leaving the furniture in the house may make it look small than it is. Besides, no buyer is willing to step into a house that looks messy and disorganized. Therefore, it would be best if you opted to clear the space. By doing so, you allow the flow and square footage of the house to be seen easily.

Home staging is one of the most powerful ways to make buyers want to buy your home. It can be as simple as decluttering and repainting. Or it can require a clean sweep that involves storing belongings off-site; redecorating, and even renting furniture and art to make your place show well.

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2. Fix The Faults

Now and then, you will come across realtors saying that they can sell your house quickly like it is to request a ride on Uber. The truth is that the theory isn’t applicable in reality. With things such as faults in the house, you may take a long time to secure a promising buyer out there. Therefore, it would be best if you considered fixing the problems in your home before listing it for sale.

The move may sound mind-numbing but, it’s worth the shot. Remember, most potential buyers are looking for a house they can buy and move in that same night. Things such as broken sinks, walls, and floors can scare away such promising clients unless you are hunting for cash home buyers.

As a result, you may end up taking long before you find that one client who can buy the home regardless of its state. If it’s your first time performing the transaction, you can hire the services of a professional home inspector. The inspector can help you discover even the slightest faults and fix them before allowing the potential buyers into space. 

3. Pick the Right Time To Sell

There is never a right time to take your house on the market. However, you can utilize the few hacks with timing to help boost your chances of being found by potential buyers. Although realtors always insist that the real estate industry is busy all year round, you may find it difficult to sell your house in November and December. If you are looking forward to performing the sale faster, you should consider listing the house earlier than late February to take advantage of the busy period. Choosing the wrong season to sell in could cost you thousands!

4. Hire a Professional Photographer

Hire a professional photographer

With the sudden growth being witnessed in the world of tech, the selling of houses, for example, has been made easy. Today, you only need photos, a perfect description, and a promising site to list your home. When it comes to listing your home, photos speak much. They help create the first impression. Therefore, you must ensure that they are attractive and detail-oriented.

Let the pictures speak on your behalf and woe every client into opting to buy your home. So, how can you go about with the picture thing? The only trick is to go for a professional photographer in your vicinity. A perfect photographer should be able to capture the best photos focusing on the details. With high-end images, you will be surprised at the number of calls you will receive to schedule a showing. 

Various Studies reveal that professional real estate photos can help a listing sell faster than comparable homes without professional photography. This means that if you have limited time or want to get your home off of your hands quickly, you can't just point and shoot with your own camera

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5. Deal With The Bad Odors

When it comes to the buying and selling of houses, it’s the little details that matter. Talk of the little things such as bad odor, for example. You may assume that the odor is obvious. Well, from a buyer’s perspective, that can be a turnoff. It can see you lose a client who was a few steps to processing the payment for the house. Therefore, before allowing a buyer in the house for showing, it would be best if you ensured that the house in question smells good. 

You can invest in some natural sprays that are easy to find at your local store. Proper ventilation can as well play a significant role in ensuring that the house is at its best state. Also, you must clear and wash the drains and bins within the premise as they are notorious for releasing that filthy smell. Besides, you shouldn’t neglect your carpet in the entire cleaning process as they can as well be a good source of that awful smell. The cleaning process may seem tedious, but it’s worth every step as it leaves your home a clean place that every potential buyer enjoys after setting their foot in the space. 

6. Setting A Competitive Price

Every buyer out there is looking for a good home. The only thing separating them from that house that you are selling is the price tag. Coming up with the right selling price is complex. As a seller, you are always looking for a way to make much money out of the sale. However, that shouldn’t tempt you into setting weird prices. From a realtor’s point of view, you must set a price that matches the market value of your home.

However, this doesn’t mean that you go underpricing your home. After all, there are many things to look up to when setting the prices. It’s at this point that you need a realtor to help you with setting the starting number. Also, there are many home estimate tools out there that you can consider when coming up with a considerable figure.

7. Be Fliexible With Viewing Times

Be flexible with viewing times

One challenge that most home sellers face is coming up with a perfect showing times. With the hustles and bustles of the streets, it’s often difficult to secure some time, and that accommodates both the buyer and the seller. Remember, buyers can hardly buy a house that they haven’t viewed. Therefore, it’s upon you to make time for those visitations regardless of the time of the hour.

That viewing you ignore today because of a busy schedule could have been the key to the sale of your home. From an expert’s perspective, it would be best if you listed your home for sale when you are free. By doing so, you will have sufficient time to respond to your buyers regardless of their potential.

8. Be A Good Communicator

How good are you with communication? If you are poor with the texts and calls, you may end up slowing the sale of your home. You must have in mind that it sounds professional replying to your potential buyers instantly. Remember, most buyers are usually juggling between various options. Therefore, answering when they call means that you pull them to the next step which is booking an appointment to see the house.

Also, when communicating, ensure that you are straight to the point as this makes your buyers feel like you understand what you are selling. Otherwise, you might end up sounding like a broker hence breaking the deal and slowing the process. 

9. Consider A Cash Offer For Your Home

Are you looking forward to moving out of your house as soon as possible? Are things such as repairs drawing you back from finding the best deal in town? If your answers are yes, then you ought to consider a cash offer. Entities such as CashOfferOnHouse.com do consider all the houses across the country. They insist that every house has worth regardless of the condition, location or situation. 

So, how do you go about with the process to get that cash for your house? It’s quite simple because you only need to ask a cash offer from the platform to sell your home. You will tell them your intentions, which are to sell your house. Once they receive your request, they will come over and evaluate the house in question. After the inspection and stuff, the platform offers a competitive cash deal for the house. One amazing thing about the quick deal is that you don’t have to stress yourself over the repairs that may end up costing you much time, delaying the sale. 


Selling your house can be a tedious process considering the many offices and agencies you have to encounter to make the process effective. Listed in this article are some tips you can borrow to fasten the entire process. Hopefully, by reading  through the above tips on selling your house faster, you may now better understand how the process should be easy and straightforward.

If you decide that you would like to avoid the hassle of dealing with listing your property, please consider Cash Offer On House  as a viable solution. We can buy your home fast and without the hassle. 

To find out what we can pay for your house, click here and fill out the form or call our office at (888) 683-7909.

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